Deodato Arte

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Hublot x Deodato Arte

The partnership between Deodato Arte and Hublot represents an extraordinary marriage between two worlds: that of art and that of luxury watchmaking. Both committed to the pursuit of aesthetic perfection and boundless creativity, these two brands have joined forces to create a unique experience during Design Week.

This partnership is not just a commercial collaboration, but a true fusion of two visions: that of Deodato Arte, which promotes a passion for contemporary art, and that of Hublot, which aims to transform watchmaking into an artistic experience.

Together, these two brands create an environment where art and design come together, inspiring the public to explore new horizons of creativity and innovation.


Hublot, a Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1980, has from its very first creation combined gold and rubber straps with a case inspired by ships’ portholes. Thus was born “the Art of Fusion”: a fusion of tradition and innovation, of crafts, worlds and talents that was to become the brand’s distinctive aesthetic and technical trait.

This identity is reinforced by unrivalled expertise in complications, production movements and innovative materials. Carbon, titanium, ceramic and sapphire are pushed to extremes. The result is a series of innovatively designed collections based on Hublot’s mastery of materials and movement