Deodato Arte

Deodato.Gallery S.p.A. is listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

International Street and Public Art

Wunderkammern Gallery promotes an international programme of excellence in contemporary artistic research in its different forms and languages. With a focus on Street Art and Public Art, it represents emerging, mid-career and established artists, with the aim of creating a stimulating environment of experimentation, dialogue and development of their work in a strong relationship with the public.

Rome, Milan and...

Founded by Franco Ottavianelli, Afra Zucchi and Giuseppe Ottavianelli, Wunderkammern Gallery opened its first location in Rome in 2008 and its second location in Milan in 2016.

In 2020 it became part of DEODATO Group, opening its horizons to new projects and synergies.

Rome | Milan

Excellence in artistic research

Wunderkammern represents and exhibits artists engaged in valuable research paths. Works with historicized artists who have contributed to the birth and development of the urban art movement and with emerging artists, bearers of the most innovative proposals in the contemporary landscape.

The gallery is proud to present a selection of artists who, thanks to continuous experimentation, explore the different techniques and expressive possibilities of Street Art.