Deodato Arte

Deodato.Gallery S.p.A. is listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.




The agreement between EuroMilano and Deodato.Gallery S.p.A. has a duration of three years and embodies ESG objectives that prioritize inclusivity and the quality of the residential proposal. The investment planned for this operation is over 400,000 Euros, to be realized by December 31, 2027.

On Monday, March 11, 2024, during the press conference to present the project, which will be held at via Nerino 1, in Milan, the parties will sign a memorandum of understanding defining the scope of collaboration, objectives, and mutual commitments. During the conference, Deodato Salafia, President and CEO of Deodato.Gallery S.p.A., Attilio Di Cunto, CEO of EuroMilano, and Luigi Borré, President of EuroMilano, will speak.


The collaboration between UpTown Milano and Deodato.Gallery innovates the concept of living, placing art at the forefront of daily life spaces. The urban district of UpTown aims to become an ecosystem where lifestyle and artistic content blend into a unique experience in a continuous process.

In addition to the impact on revenue, the Issuer gains access to the opportunity to connect with hundreds of new UpTown Milano residents, potential future collectors, from whom further economic benefits are expected, as well as the activation of significant experimentation on physical art and home automation in the first Italian smart city.

Tailored living spaces: where homes become masterpieces

At the core of this partnership lies the ambition to personalize the living spaces of UpTown, offering residents the opportunity to choose artworks that enrich their daily lives. This approach will allow residents to inhabit spaces that are not only comfortable and functional but also expressions of art and contemporaneity. A distinctive element of UpTown Milano’s offering will be the inclusion of artworks from the Deodato.Gallery collection in the specifications of private residences. This initiative substantiates the commitment to making art accessible to all and promoting continuous dialogue between citizens and artistic culture, under exclusive conditions created for the residents.

New technologies for an immersive artistic experience

The partnership also lays the groundwork for exploring new technologies aimed at making the artistic experience even more immersive, thanks to phygital and NFT technologies in dialogue with the highly technological infrastructure of UpTown Milano, where connectivity and home automation are pillars of the country’s first smart district.

Art and beauty embrace common areas and amenities

The shared vision of EuroMilano and Deodato.Gallery also extends to the common areas and amenities of the UpTown Milano residential complexes, which will be enriched, as it once was in past eras, by recognized contemporary artists. From coworking spaces to children’s play areas, to elegant entrance halls, art becomes a fundamental element of the architecture and design of the buildings, creating inspired and stimulating environments for the community.

UpTown: A Place of Art

UpTown Milano emerges as a true open-air artistic district, where architecture, greenery, and landscape blend with artistic expression through murals by internationally renowned artists and installations. These not only bring people closer to art but also strengthen the sense of community, making the works accessible to all and stimulating collective creativity. The integration of art into the urban environment is a testament to the commitment of EuroMilano Spa and Deodato.Gallery to creating spaces that nourish the spirit and stimulate the mind. Moreover, the presence of artworks in UpTown Milano not only aesthetically enriches the neighborhood but also serves as a catalyst for promoting the relationship between art, public space, and daily life, making the UpTown district a model of urban integration and livability.

In the coming months, collaborations are planned with artists from the Italian and international scene, who will be protagonists of events and projects aimed at enriching the lives of residents and their experience in UpTown.

A Reference Model for Milan’s New Urban Center

UpTown Milano and Deodato.Gallery are proud to announce this unique initiative, taking another step towards the consolidation of Milan’s new urban center. Perfectly in tune with Milan’s role – a globally recognized metropolis for its contributions to fashion, art, and design – this partnership represents a perfect blend of innovation and tradition, originality, and culture. It not only enhances Milan’s image but also positions the UpTown Milano district as the epicenter of creativity and innovation.