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Photoshow Varese

The exhibition will continue until March 3, 2024.

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With great enthusiasm, LoveSpot Varese announces Photoshow Varese, a groundbreaking exhibition dedicated to the art of fashion photography.

This unique event invites enthusiasts of art, fashion, and photography to immerse themselves in the visions of three legendary photographers who have propelled the world of fashion towards new visual and conceptual horizons.

David LaChapelle, an artist with an unmistakable vision, has transformed fashion photography into a stage for extravagant and colorful narratives, enriched with profound irony and criticism of contemporary society. His works, now icons of our time, transcend the traditional boundaries of the genre, inviting reflection.

Simultaneously, Helmut Newton introduced a new aesthetic to the world of fashion photography, with images that blend sensuality, elegance, and subtle provocation. His ability to capture the strength and independence of women has paved the way for a new way of portraying beauty and glamour, making the female figure the absolute protagonist of each shot.

Marco Glaviano, a pioneer in the adoption of digital photography in the editorial fashion context, immortalized the supermodels of the ’80s and ’90s, significantly contributing to their iconic status. His technical innovation marked a historic moment with the publication of the first digital photograph in American Vogue, defining a new chapter in the history of fashion photography.

Photoshow Varese goes beyond the conventional concept of an exhibition, transforming into a celebrated tribute to innovation and creativity. It serves as a stage dedicated to pioneering photographers who have surpassed traditional limits, venturing into aesthetic and narrative realms still unexplored. This exhibition is an open invitation for the public to explore how photographic art can radically change our approach and understanding of fashion, glamour, and beauty.