Deodato Arte

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Langosteria_Deodato Arte

Langosteria: Saint Moritz

Langosteria & Deodato Arte: Art and Dining at High Altitude

In December 2023, Deodato Arte and Langosteria started a long-lasting collaboration that will involve the gallery’s well-known location in Saint Moritz and the Engadin town’s prestigious fine-dining restaurant.

The exclusive location in Saint Moritz will host a selection of artworks by Deodato Arte that will change periodically, in order to offer guests new stories and original dialogues.

The aim is to create a solid union between art and food and, consequently, to allow the works to reach realities outside the traditional circuits.

Artworks Deodato Arte x Langosteria

The first two artworks chosen for the refined restaurant on Via Salastrains are David Kracov’s ‘Book of Life’, an iconic metal sculpture in which a myriad of colorful butterflies emerge from an open book, and ‘Snow Day’, David LaChapelle‘s famous photograph in which the oneiric and magical atmosphere characteristic of the American artist’s work reigns supreme, perfectly in line with Saint Moritz.


Langosteria is one of the most renowned and popular restaurants in the European restaurant scene. It has four locations in Milan, in Paris, in the beautiful bay of Paraggi in Portofino and on the terrace of the Corviglia in St. Moritz. Openings in London and Miami are planned for the near future.

Specialising in fine dining, it combines taste, sophistication and the highest quality.

Its founder is Enrico Buoncore, who is inspired by his origins on the Amalfi Coast.