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David LaChapelle: Stations of the Cross

David LaChapelle: Stations of the Cross

Starting October 27th, a new exclusive public exhibition opens at the Deodato Arte Gallery on Via Giulia 122 in Rome, Italy: the new exhibition of David LaChapelle‘s latest series “Stations of the Cross,” which will be presented during the Biennale in Florence on the occasion of the Lifetime Achievement Award given to the American photographer.

The exhibition, which will be opened by LaChapelle himself on October 27, features striking new works, fifteen scenes of the Stations of the Cross arranged along a path that symbolizes Christ’s journey to the Crucifixion which the artist has interpreted by drawing inspiration from various examples, from medieval to postmodern times, imagining the traditional religious narrative in a new, colorful, and poetic way. With his unique style and composition, LaChapelle presents in the guise of Christ the Italian artist and actor Tedua, for whom the photographer signed the album covers “Purgatorio” and “Inferno”; theatrical elements along with symbolic figures transport the devotional practice, in which the viewer visits each station praying, into the present time.

On display and in conversation with Stations of the Cross, as well as several works from several well-known series in his portfolio, LaChapelle is exhibiting Earth Laughs in Flowers, the series made between 2008 and 2011 and inspired by traditional Dutch vanitas, depictions of symbolic objects that make one reflect on the vanity of achievements and earthly pleasures; as always, in his ten vanitas LaChapelle mixes humor and drama together with everyday objects to remind the viewer of our mortality.

“It is a great responsibility to welcome David LaChapelle for this occasion,” explains Deodato Salafia, “it is this is his first exhibition at our Rome headquarters, following the review of iconic works at Deodato Milano last fall. Anew LaChapelle, who has already treated subjects related to Christianity, such as the Annunciation, offers us with incredible surprise a survey of one of the most traditional pillars of the Roman Catholic Church. A work of 15 sets creates a collection destined to remain in art history.”