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Stik, Blek le Rat, Invader, Shepard Fairey, Miaz Brothers “Street Art Masters”

Wunderkammern Milano, via Nerino 2, Milan
Curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto
Critical essay by Giuseppe Pizzuto
From 31th May – 24th June 2023

Wunderkammern is pleased to present at its Milan venue in Via Nerino 2 the exhibition Street Art Masters that will feature some of the most important names of the international scene of this movement: Stik, Blek le Rat, Invader, Shepard Fairey as well as the Miaz Brothers.

Everyone associates something with graffiti and tags, posters and stencils, murals and urban sculptures. It is surprising to see how many things are mixed together when we try to talk and reasoning about street art. The concepts of vandalism, legality, advertising come into play, redevelopment, art, muralism, marketing, communication, urbanism, and degradation. And all just for strange signs that, from a certain point forward, began to appear in an increasingly powerful and overbearing way on the walls of our cities.

G. Pizzuto

Street Art Masters is the new event presented by Wunderkammern in its spaces Milan in via Nerino 2. It is an interesting and articulated group exhibition that aims to reflect on the complexities related to the languages of Street Art. On display are the most important names and representative of the history of this movement: StikBlek le RatInvaderShepard Fairey in addition to the Miaz Brothers, artists who for years have been putting themselves on the line with stickers, stencils, markers, spray cans and mosaic tiles, to promote their unprecedented language that is conquering the international scene.

For some, urban art is a way of protesting social discrimination, political institutions and private property, for others simply a form of free expression without no filter. To date, in fact, we can say that Blek le Rat‘s rats from which the artist takes his name “rat” which is also an anagram of “art,” the gaze of André The Giant by Shepard Fairey (OBEY) in whose works there is always a strong political message, the character from the Space Invader video game and the stylized little men of Stik – one of the youngest artists in the exhibition for the first time at Wunderkammern – are iconic all over the world.

A rich selection of unpublished works will be presented to the Milanese public in the exhibition: unique or limited-edition pieces ranging from canvas to paper. The upper floor of the Gallery also hosts a collection of portraits by the well-known Italian duo Miaz Brothers, artists who learned the use of the airbrush – a tool akin to the spray can – from the great masters of Street Art but have twisted its nature and function. Aerosol painting, along with the stencil, is a favorite technique of street artists because it gives them the ability to replicate the same image very quickly on walls (often made without permission), but Miaz Brothers becomes a tool to be used with precision and technical skill. Their works made in this way, thus no longer immediate, acquire a different reception and elaboration.

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