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I Love Italy Mr. Brainwash

Mr.Brainwash: I Love Italy

Mr.Brainwash and Deodato Arte together against Covid-19

Deodato Arte Gallery conceived and promoted a fundraising initiative to support the fight against the virus. To do so, it involved the world-renowned artist Mr.Brainwash, represented exclusively in Italy.

The street artist, among the most important figures on the international contemporary art scene, immediately enthusiastically accepted the invitation to participate in the project, putting all his incredible creativity at the service of the noble cause. And this is how “I Love Italy,” the work created especially for the occasion, was born, presented to the public on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, with the promise that 15 percent of the entire proceeds would be donated to charity.
In less than a month, the work sold out.


“I Love Italy” is a strongly evocative work: a heart-shaped balloon, with the colors of the Italian flag, to which is attached a thread forming the word “Love.” A message of hope, courage and comfort, dedicated to all the Italian people, hard hit by Covid-19.

I Love Italy fits perfectly into the poetics of the artist, who has made “Life is beautiful” his manifest. Mr. Brainwash has always been a spokesman for a healthy optimism, not to be confused with levity, an imperishable hymn to resilience, to never stop dreaming and to never give up.

The artist thus demonstrates, once again, his closeness to Italy, a country to which he’s strongly attached, with the aim of conveying confidence at such a delicate time.

I Love Italy is a silkscreen print on paper, signed and numbered in original by the artist, in a limited edition of 350 copies worldwide. 300 of these have been earmarked for sale in Italy and abroad, and 50 for ad personam donations.

After a long dialogue with Fondazione di Comunità Milano, the Deodato Arte gallery decided to allocate the proceeds (23,800 euros, tax-free) to projects that respond to situations of new and pressing need, to address the social emergency, enhancing assistance services to the most vulnerable.


The projects were selected from among those supported by the #MilanoAiuta Fund, which supports 73 projects that intervene to benefit children, homeless people and fragile families, lonely elderly, sick and disabled people. Among these projects, two were identified: “ZUMBIMBI” and “A shelter for psychiatric users.” The President of the Milan Community Foundation, Giovanni Azzone, emphasizes the effectiveness of the charitable operation: “In the Covid-19 emergency, our Foundation played its role of being close to the community. We immediately grasped the urgency of responding to the social emergency, which would affect the most vulnerable people, and launched the #MilanoAiuta fonfi collection, destined to strengthen proximity and home care services for the benefit of the most fragile people:elderly people living alone, the disabled, children and families in distress. Thanks to the generosity of more than 1,000 donors, including Deodato Gallery and its collectors, we were able to fund 73 interventions in the area worth 1,725,000 euros: all projects are up and running.

ZUMBIMBI: Child care with hospitalized parents Covid-19

The Zumbimbi project cares for children, ages 6 to 14, whose parents are in the hospital due to Coronavirus and who have no other adults who can care for them.

The initiative is promoted by La Cordata Social Cooperative, together with the City of Milan, Comin Cooperative, Emergency and the Valdese Diaconia.
President Claudio Bossi explains, “With the Zumbimbi project we wanted to throw our hearts over the obstacle. The obstacle of fear, the obstacle of suffering, the obstacle of the fragility of children in great difficulty with their parents affected by Covid 19. But obstacles are hardly overcome alone and the contribution of Deodato Arte, spurs us with even greater determination to work for the most precious good we have: the other, the other who suffers and the other who helps. In this relationship we find the reason for our commitment.”


The project, implemented by the Social Cooperative La Fabbrica di Olinda, provides for the reception and care of homeless psychiatric patients admitted to the psychiatric inpatient department who, after clinical stabilization, are discharged as Coronavirus negative The health care supervision is provided by the Department of Mental Health of Niguarda Hospital. Thus President Thomas Emmenegger. “The Olinda Factory deals with the social inclusion of people with mental health problems by creating social enterprise projects that contribute to urban regeneration; it runs restaurants-pizzerias, hostels, theaters and many cultural activities that together tell a culture of universal welcome. That is why we were happy to create such a fruitful collaboration with Deodato.”

In addition to the financial donation, Deodato Arte Gallery decided to donate one of the I Love Italy works to both projects to convey comfort to all guests of the facilities.

Galleria Deodato would like to sincerely thank Mr.Brainwash and all his staff, especially General Manager Patrick Guetta, for enthusiastically embracing this initiative and concretely supporting it.