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Mr.Savethewall: The Wallsaved Collection – Vernissage

Mr.Savethewall: The Wallsaved Collection - Vernissage




Deodato Arte Gallery (Via Nerino 1, Milano)
Via Nerino 1, Milano, Lombardia

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The exhibition will continue until April 29th, 2023.

Since Mr. Savethewall presented the first Wallsaved three years ago, these original works have become a must-have for every street art collector, as well as a trend followed by many artists. Mr. Savethewall – The Wallsaved Collection is the title chosen for the exhibition that consecrates the Wallsaved and their inventor and that opens on March 30 in the new space of the Deodato Arte Gallery, in Via Nerino 1, in the center of Milan.

Over 10 new unique creations are displayed, handcrafted using various objects such as road signs, pipes, and old doorbells. This is a new way of bringing street art into exhibition spaces and into the homes of enthusiasts.

Walls are the real works of art. The overlapping of historical eras, street artists, and historical events that leave an indelible mark, such as a war and the reconstruction. Abandonment and degradation, urban furnishings, posters, stickers, cameras, everything speaks, or rather screams, on a wall. I save the walls by bringing them into homes, collections, museums, exactly as I see them. I portray walls. My Wallsaved pieces are full of details, often they are real-life portraits,” says the artist talking about his latest work.

This new series, on display atDeodato Arte Gallery, does not simply aim to bring street art into homes by creating graffiti on walls, but to transfer the external walls into homes, with all their history. Anything can strike the artist, as well as the passerby – a panel, an electrical box, a road sign, air vents, the peeling of plaster that reveals bricks – and transmit the same feeling experienced on the street. After all, portraits of walls are the reflection of our cities, in which beauty often blends with degradation, nature fights against concrete, and color makes beautiful what we would otherwise ignore.

Among the subjects on display, we find the great classics of Mr. Savethewall’s production, such as the iconic Kiss Me, the anthropomorphic frog, Love Me or Like Me, Love and Psyche of the contemporary era, and Is this Love?, the romantic vandal. Among the most important pieces, we also remember “The Great Wave,” a reflection on the theme of migrants, and “Street Art is Dead,” the artist’s manifesto declaring himself the first post-street artist.”