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Masito and Esa: Characters – Vernissage

Masito and Esa: Characters - Vernissage




Wunderkammern Gallery Roma
via Giulia, 180, Roma, 00186, Lazio

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The exhibition will continue until April 23rd, 2022

Curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto

Critical text by Giuseppe Pizzuto

Wunderkammern presents in the gallery’s new Rome location, for the first time in Italy, Masito and Esa’s double solo exhibitionCharacters.

The two musicians, who have shared stages and walls over the years, jointly structured this exhibition for Wunderkammern as early as 2020, and today, 2 years later, they will finally see it realized. Giuseppe Pizzuto, director of Wunderkammern and curator of Characters says it will be “an exhibition made of stories. Pieces of music history (John Coltrane and Nirvana) intersect with personal stories from the lives of the two artists (rap and writing). True stories (the music icons) are mixed with fictional and fantastic stories (the Faces and the Sideralis) bringing out the salient features of the humanity of the two artists.”

The works selected for the installation seem to interact with each other, almost as if in a dynamic and lively way they establish an exchange of sensations, different but interconnected with each other. Esa’s Faces, which spring from what might appear as a confusion of signs, a chaos of techniques and colors, confront, and almost clash, with Masito’s Sideralis, in their illusory linearity and cleanliness. The graphic representation of their thought starts from the perception of letters that constitutes the first creative moment, the incipit of artistic transfiguration, and thus evolves into the elaboration of the Faces and the Sideralis. These constitute the point of arrival for the artists. A “dynamic” point of arrival, however, which will perhaps constitute the beginning of a new project.

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