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Vivere ad arte: Mr.Savethewall x UpTown

Vivere ad arte: Mr.Savethewall x UpTown


18:30 - 21:00


Swiss Corner
Via Palestro 2, Milano, Lombardia

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Vivere ad Arte” is the project that expresses the essence of UpTown Milano through the stories of its residents, born from Lifeshot, the artistic project by Mr. Savethewall whose aim is to enhance the life of each individual as a work of art, and as such, unique and not reproducible.

With the Lifeshot project, Mr. Savethewall engages in a dialogue with the person portrayed and retraces their life through sixteen objects. The subject becomes both a spectator and an active participant in Lifeshot, and within this experience, writes an emotional summary of their own life. The artwork explores the beauty, complexity, and uniqueness of each protagonist’s life within this artistic experience.

The “Vivere ad Arte” project is born to give voice in an artistic and original way to the people who live in and have chosen UpTown Milano, and who are interpreters of a new culture of living.

From listening to its inhabitants, an authentic and unexpected picture has emerged, rich in emotions, in which Mr. Savethewall gives voice to the most intimate aspects of our lives and the individual choices that have led to living artfully in UpTown.

The bright and engaging exhibition spaces of the Swiss Corner in Milan will become the ideal location to bring out the emotional power of the stories of the Lifeshot protagonists and their choice to “Vivere ad Arte“.


Tuesday, April 23 2024 – 6:30 P.M.

Accreditation from 6 P.M.

Swiss Corner – Via Palestro 2, Milan

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