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PichiAvo: Diaspasis – Vernissage

PichiAvo: Diaspasis - Vernissage




Wunderkammern Gallery Milano
Via Nerino 2, Milano

Tipologia evento

The exhibition will continue until October 21, 2023


Wunderkammern is pleased to present Diaspasis, the solo exhibition inaugurating the gallery’s new collaboration with PichiAvo, a Valencian street artist duo known for their unmistakable style that combines Graffiti and Classical Art.

The event will be on Wednesday 20 September at 6.30 p.m. at the venue in via Nerino 2, Milan. The artists will be present.

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Curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto, Diaspasis represents the evolution of PichiAvo’s art, which, along with aesthetic research, focuses here, without renouncing the explosiveness of colors, on an investigation into the power of matterDiàspasis – in Greek, separation – actually describes the technique that the duo started exploring two years ago: the PichiAvo paint their subjects with spray paint, acrylic and oil on a plasterboard panel and then they break it up, obtaining several fragments. On display will be more than thirty works, including sketches on paper and paintings on plasterboard, all artworks with crumbled edges, meticulously shaped by the artists who conceived them almost as if they were sculptures, shots, often details, of subjects seen and photographed all over the world.

Each work is thought to live and be set up independently or to be, in some cases, part of a diptych or triptych” explain the two young artists. While inspired by archaeological artifacts, which are fragmentary and often located in different museums despite belonging to the same nucleus, they also invite visitors to play, reconstructing like in a puzzle stories and connections between subjects within the exhibition itinerary. The subjects speak of the Mediterranean culture to which we belong and which myth helps to spread, everywhere in the world, beyond differences of language and religion. The myth connects us as human beings.

The body of works has also been conceived by the artists in order to give the visitor and collector the illusion of admiring in the interior space of the gallery fragments of interventions that PichiAvo usually realize in urban settings; the drywall reproduces the effect of materials and colors that the artists most closely interface with in their outdoor production.

On the occasion of Diaspasis, a limited-edition print signed and numbered by the artists will be released. It will also be linked to the Diaspasis technique; it will in fact have irregular edges in line with PichiAvo’s research into the material.


Curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto
Critical essay by Fanny Borel
Wunderkammern Milan, via Nerino 2
From 20th September to 21st October
From Monday to Saturday, 10am-2pm, 3pm-7pm


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