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Pablo Picasso: 50 years since the disappearance of a myth – Vernissage

Pablo Picasso: 50 years since the disappearance of a myth - Vernissage


09/11/2023 - 29/11/2023    


Deodato Arte Gallery (Via Nerino 1, Milano)
Via Nerino 1, Milano, Lombardia

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The exhibition will continue until November 29, 2023.

Pablo Picasso‘s fame is historically recognized: counted among the most influential artists of the 20th century, the artist has a significant production of paintings, sculptures and lithographs.

Picasso’s notoriety lies in his successful attempt to redefine the possibilities of visual art. His tireless quest for innovation and his artistic genius helped redraw the boundaries of artistic expression, allowing the artist to occupy a cardinal position in art history today.

However, not all Picasso lovers are aware of the existence of an extensive collection of graphic works, created using different engraving techniques, which preserve a range of experimentation with various themes, subjects and styles. These works also reflect the artist’s personal life, depicting wives, lovers, friends and political figures contemporary with him. Through these illustrations, Picasso left us as complete a record as possible of himself and his imagination.

This type of work, therefore, accompanied Picasso’s career for fifty years, giving valuable space to his creativity and allowing him to make rare proofs.

The importance of these works cannot, therefore, remain hidden to lovers of the Spanish artist. For this reason, Deodato Arte Gallery is pleased to invite you to the exhibition “PABLO PICASSO. 50 years since the disappearance of a myth” entirely dedicated to the artist’s graphic works, which will be held at the Galleria Deodato Arte in Via Nerino 1 from Nov. 9 to 29.

The vernissage for the exhibition opening will be held on November 9 at 6:30 pm.