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Newton & Glaviano: Shape of a Woman – Vernissage

Newton & Glaviano: Shape of a Woman - Vernissage


27/04/2023 - 28/05/2023    


Deodato Arte Gallery (Via Giulia 122, Roma)
Via Giulia 122, Roma, 00186, Lazio

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The exhibition will continue until May 28th, 2023.

If it is true, as Dostoevsky wrote, that “beauty will save the world”, the merit today also goes to Helmut Newton and Marco Glaviano, two big names in fashion photography who have made history over the years, making eternal the charm of some of the world’s most important models, within a current that is well recognizable in the panorama of contemporary art.

From 27th April to 28th May 2023, Galleria Deodato Arte in Rome (Via Giulia 122) brings these two greats of photography into dialogue in an exhibition that pays homage to female beauty in its purest form, in its essence without filters. The shots in ‘NEWTON & GLAVIANO: SHAPE OF A WOMAN’ are elegant, never vulgar, and exalt women’s bodies in all their sensuality and strength.

Newton and Glaviano were friends. They met in 1968 when the latter arrived in Milan and immediately struck up a spark. They recognized each other as elective affinities do. At the time, Glaviano was a young up-and-comer, and Helmut was an established and globally well-known photographer.

Today, after years, of visits by Newton to Glaviano’s studio in New York, meetings around the world, and millions of shots, the two photographers are together again thanks to their immortal art. Marco Glaviano remembers Helmut Newton, who passed away in 2004, with deep respect and admiration: “Newton is among the very few photographers who changed how we look at photography.

What makes this exhibition-event special is the human factor. Thanks to the pictures on display at Deodato Arte gallery, it is possible to grasp immediately fashion’s history represented by two giants of photography, but it is also possible to capture their point of view and glimpse their souls.

On show are six photo-lithographs by Helmut Newton, the most iconic of which is undoubtedly the one portraying Elsa Peretti in New York: a sophisticated image that conveys all the feminine energy in such a vibrant setting as the Big Apple.

On the other hand, Marco Glaviano presents an account in images of his long and prestigious career, in which he has immortalized the most beautiful women in the world, still considered timeless icons of style, symbols of absolute beauty in the collective imagination. For instance, a timeless Cindy Crawford, whose beauty leaves anyone speechless. There will also be some real gems, taken from a collection of spontaneous and private shots that reveal some of Glaviano’s passions and show exotic locations, often the set of shootings for stylists and authoritative fashion magazines. Are you ready to meet the charismatic author in person and be swept away by the emotions?