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Mr. Savethewall: Unmistakable – Art Night

Mr. Savethewall: Unmistakable - Art Night


18:30 - 20:30


Deodato Arte Gallery (Via Giulia 122, Roma)
Via Giulia 122, Roma, 00186, Lazio

Tipologia evento

Deodato Arte Gallery is pleased to announce the Art Night dedicated to the new UNMISTAKABLE collection by Mr. Savethewall, which will take place at the Rome location, via Giulia 122, at 6:30 PM on December 6, 2023.

The Comasco Street Artist announces the release of the new UNMISTAKABLE collection and will be present for the inauguration of the event.

Having already used familiar faces of figures from the world of entertainment and politics, or the recurring subject of the frog, a poetic element in the artist’s work, they return in a different form to create Unmistakable works, where the main character is entirely painted in black.

In this new collection, some iconic UNMISTAKABLE subjects return, along with others.

Mr. Savethewall once again colors well-known figures in black, turning them into silhouettes while remaining easily recognizable.

The painted shapes in the collection remain hidden at first glance, only to be immediately revealed to the viewer’s eye.

Well-known characters from popular culture, including comics, cinema, TV series, music, as well as those from politics, fashion, and art, increase their fame and are reinterpreted by the Street Artist 2.0.