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JonOne: Sun Downs – Vernissage

JonOne: Sun Downs - Vernissage




Wunderkammern Gallery Roma
via Giulia, 180, Roma, 00186, Lazio

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The exhibition will continue until July 9th, 2022.

Curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto

Critical text by Fanny Borel

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn, and so it’s that after a solo exhibition at Palazzo Velli in 2018 JonOne returns to Rome for a disruptive new exhibition. The Sun-Downs exhibition aims to make the viewer dream, just as happens when standing in front of a sunset.

The works selected for the show are studies of emotions depicted on paper, charged with passion and color. The gallery is exhibiting for the first time a body of works on paper, thirty unique mixed media works created by JonOne exclusively for the event in which ink, gouache and spray paint are mixed. The main characteristic of these works, as of JonOne’s unmistakable art, is the extraordinary energy released through the intersection of lines, letters and splashes of color.

It’s precisely from these works that the artist’s connection to the world of New York graffiti and the impetus of abstract expressionism emerges. JonOne, thanks to his irrepressible instinct to create, imprints in his works a unique force that becomes a projection of the emotional impulses inherent in each of us.

In September 2021 Wunderkammern hosted Vibrations, JonOne’s latest Italian monographic exhibition, at its Milan venue. On display were a series of canvases conceived as true chromatic explosions that aspired to make the visitor vibrate with emotion. Sun-Downs stands in continuity with the Milan exhibition, it is a deep and intense introspective research that wants to empathize and get to the heart of the viewer.

During the opening night, JonOne will create a performance on a wall of mirrors set up in the Wunderkammern gallery spaces at 180 Via Giulia.

Exceptionally, on the occasion of the event organized by Wunderkammern, it will be possible to admire, by booking a visit to the exhibition, the artistic intervention that JonOne made last October on the palisade in the inner courtyard of Palazzo Farnese. The artist, inserting in his unmistakable calligraphy a Roman inscription found on a 55 B.C. cippus preserved in the basement of the Institut Français building, combines contemporaneity and antiquity in a personal and original vision.

Cultural Partner: Institut Francais

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