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Blek le Rat, D*Face, JonOne, Shepard Fairey, 2501, Sten Lex, Tellas: Urban Roots – Vernissage

Blek le Rat, D*Face, JonOne, Shepard Fairey, 2501, Sten Lex, Tellas: Urban Roots - Vernissage




Wunderkammern Gallery Roma
via Giulia, 180, Roma, 00186, Lazio

Tipologia evento

The exhibition will continue until April 15, 2023


Wunderkammern is pleased to present an exhibition, entitled Urban Roots, at its Rome headquarters in Via Giulia, featuring some of the artists who have contributed to the most significant works of Urban Art in recent years.

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The exhibition will be an emotional journey introducing the visitor to some of the most important names on the national and international scene of this movement: Blek le Rat, D*Face, JonOne, Shepard Fairey, 2501, Sten Lex and Tellas.

The different artistic languages and personal and innovative stylistic experimentation of the individual artists will emerge from the works on display, which will find their meeting point in a single context – the urban one – and in the common need to innovate. And it is precisely in this need to relate, each in his or her own way, with the urban space that the Street Artists have planted their roots, which have already sprouted or will sprout: Urban Roots will start from these roots and build for the visitor an entirely original exploratory path.

The exhibition will bring together works previously unseen by the Roman public, some of which were created especially for the event.

On display will be Blek le Rat’s famous rats, from which the artist takes his name rat”, which is also an anagram of art”; D*Face’s provocative and super-pop representations of today’s society; JonOne’s chromatic explosions that make viewers vibrate with emotion; Shepard Fairey’s unmistakable works, also in horizontal format, in which there is always a strong political message. And again works by 2501 belonging to the Animated Landscape” project that combines Land Art, film documentation and interaction with the urban fabric; the coloured” works by Sten Lex, a rarity in the production of the well-known Italian duo, characterised by the stencil poster”, a contemporary engraving technique of their invention; and finally the personal and intimate vision of the elements of the natural landscape elaborated by Tellas.



Curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto
Critical essay by Giuseppe Pizzuto
Wunderkammern Rome, via Giulia 180
From Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-2pm / 3pm-7pm


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